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The ABC-1 Advanced Bitcrusher!
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ABC-1The FAT ABC-1 is a completely new approach to producing Bit Crushing, it is as analog as a digital device can be. Not relying on a microcontroller but instead all discrete components and with a seamless bit-discarding circuit removing the "clicks" occuring in other products when changing the bit depth. The ABC-1 ranges from 8 to 1 bit sound, has a variable sample rate from ~9.7kHz to ~0.2hz and can be remotely controlled via the on-board 1/4" jacks using either CV (control voltage) or Expression pedals.

PTA-1The FAT PTA-1 is a tube distortion unit which's main purpose is to be so small that it can actually be built into your guitar but still maintain the true tube sound. The only way of doing this is of course to actually use tubes!