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The ABC-1 Advanced Bitcrusher!
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Technical specifications
Sound samples


The ABC-1, FAT Advanced Bit Crusher, is a device with many voices whose purpose is to transport us back in time to the birth of digital music, it will effectively give any audio plugged into it the distinct sound of 8 bits or less and of low sample rates. The ABC-1 is not designed to make your music sound melodious, pretty, or sweet, but in fact it's aural intentions are quite the opposite!

The effects produced by the ABC-1 are not limited to a single expression but range from howling mad distortions to ring modulator like sounds; and from murky, digital thunder to a shimmer of digital artifacts.

By utilizing the Advanced Bit Crusher’s on-board Sample Rate Control and Bit Depth Control inputs the variations are practically endless, whether in live performance or in the studio. The control inputs can be connected either to an expression pedal or a CV (Control Voltage) source, the latter allowing for things like sequenced bit depth etc.

The Advanced Bit Crusher will not only work its magic effects on audio, but in fact can be applied to any small-signal voltage, including Control Voltages (CV). As a Control Voltage-processor, the ABC-1 produces numerous effects not unlike those of quantizers, random-voltage generators, and sample-and-hold effects.

The bit discrimination circuitry in the ABC-1 is quite different from other similar effects in that that bits can be turned down in volume rather then just turned on or off, the ABC-1 produces a totally unique sound due to this.

The initial idea behind the FAT Advanced Bit Crusher came to life in early 2000 as a reaction to the fact that at the time - while there were similar products in software form - next to nothing was available in hardware. The first (unreleased) version of the FAT Advanced Bit Crusher was similar to what we have today, with a few huge exceptions: FAT has added remote control of the circuit parameters and the seamless bit discrimination not found in other products, this to create an Advanced Bit Crusher.

Technical specifications

Input sensitivity (for full 8-bit range using max input volume)100mVpp
Output voltage swing (max)11.8 Vpp
Low frequency -3db pointDC
High frequency -3db point2.1kHz
Bit Depth (max)8
Bit Depth (min)0
Sampling frequency (max)9.7kHz
Sampling frequency (min)0.2Hz
Power consumption (at 9V)33.4mA
CV input voltage range+-4.5V
CV input impedance10KOhm


All of these figures are aproximate, exact measurements might differ inbetween units

Sound Samples

All of these sound samples first demonstrate the reduction of the sample rate with full bit depth, reduction of bit depth with full sample rate, reduction of both.

A TR808 without any extra fx.
A sawtooth wave without any extra fx.
A voice sample without any extra fx.
Another voice sample without any extra fx.


abc-1_manual.pdf - the Abc-1 manual