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About FAT

About FAT – Its Mission

Frisco Audio Technology has a mission to develop audio technology and apply it creatively for electronic musicians.

We are a technology company, but we do not apply technology blindly and we do not presume that the latest technology available is always the best technology to apply to every application, in fact sometimes, for some applications, the latest technology, digital electronics is the most unappealing and far from the ideal approach.

We believe in the use of the most appropriate technology, not simply to apply digital technology to do everything we are used to doing with analog technology.

Therefore we are an appropriate technology company, we work in the digital realm but we also work with solid state analog technology and in all honesty, we most enjoy applying vacuum tube analog technology and we are not timid about using any appropriate technology, solid state, digital when it makes sense in the equipment design.

FAT - Recent History

Frisco Audio Technology, or "FAT", is finally breaking out of its shell and we have two break thru products which will be released in the near term, well within two months from the date of this writing, 3/27/2009. One of these in fact, The Advanced Bit Crusher, has been in production and has been publically available this year.

As much as i would like to tell you all about the new products coming, please stay tuned to this site and we will let you know, we believe that we have some very exciting new products on their way.

Up to this time, FAT has been in stealth mode for more than two years getting our ideas into real circuits and useful creative packaging. Along the way to date we have developed more than eight modules and that is just the start.

We are going to pick up where so many companies have stopped; we are going to push the barriers of imagination and useful results for anyone producing music electronically.

FAT – What is in the name?

Why call if Frisco Audio Technology? Does the name matter?

Yes there is a reason and meaning to our name that relates to our purpose and goals as a company.

Frisco Texas, not to make too much of a time and a place, is special. Frisco is a new community north of Dallas, and among many other places it is just like, it is common in the sense that it is a place where people move to, live and work, go to school, and attempt to have the sort of lives they hope for.

Frisco is the sort of new town where new young families move to, so they can have the sort of lives EVERYONE hopes for. And that is why Frisco as a small town in the big state of Texas matters.

The hope represented by the little town of Frisco, Texas is a universal hope, one that everyone can relate to where ever they live, and that is the sort of positive engagement we hope our equipment will have in the lives of its users.

The name Frisco Audio Technology relates to the renewal of the interest in music, and the creation of new music technology, as a form of expression for each generation, for our generation whatever our age.

So Frisco Texas represents hope, renewal and purpose in the best sense people hope for, and this is the quality of purpose that is common to our purposes for the company, Frisco Audio Technology.

Texas also has a fine history of live music venues and music supporters, and is in many ways continues to be the center of genres of music which are positive, hopeful, purposeful, and "Americana" in its best sense as well.

Frisco Audio Technology intends to become a part of the international music scene, to facilitate it, to help provide support for venues and performances, as well as we intend to produce new and creative material means to help people create music.